Why do we need WasteNote-PPT (preprocessing tool)

With large contracts local authorities will be given Excel sheets with a long list of weighbridge tickets (hundreds maybe even a couple of thousand) for each month.  These tickets will rely on the contractors weighbridge operator recording the details of the each waste load accurately.  The core pieces of information are the ticket number, net weight, route or activity and date.  However, there is additional useful information on the weighbridge ticket – on the time spent unloading, the gross weight of the vehicle, the vehicle registration, which can be useful information.  Wastenote can bulk upload these tickets through it own CSV file wizard, but we recognise that perhaps 5-10% of the tickets may contain mistakes.

WasteNote-PPT is an Excel spreadsheet software tool with its own built in logic that is tailored to every council, to capture and organise CSV files and list of weighbridge data in order to capture weighbridge ticket errors.  Duplicate tickets, wrongly assigned routes to vehicles are applied, processing the tickets deemed accurate and leaving suspect tickets for more detailed inspection.  So from a list of 1,500 tickets, 1400 might be fine, but 100 tickets may need to be inspected, edited and then reprocessed through the tool.

With this tool the council is able to go back to its contractors and ask for improvements to weighbridge recording.

PPT sketch resized 600