Local Authority Waste Data

WasteNote – What is it?

Easy to use Waste Data software

Local Authorities are under significant pressure to continue to waste services with less resources.  In the area of waste data, contractors provide a huge amount of data in many different formats.  WasteNote simplifies the process of gathering and reporting waste data. It provides quality reporting that enables councils to deliver improvements in recycling. It even provides formatted WasteDataFlow reports!

  • Manages all waste contracts – Capture all waste data including Kerbside, Residual, HWRC, Bring banks, Food/Garden and Street cleansing. Handles Alternate Weekly Collections and Transfer Stations in a single web system
  • Outsource data gathering – Contractors can easily and securely upload weighbridge data. The Local Authority can then choose to accept or reject the data leaving your team more time to focus on delivering improvements in recycling
  • Data validation and checks – No need to spend hours combing through lines of data. At the time of upload data is checked to ensure that there are no anomalies including unrecognised vehicles and contracts. WasteNote also highlights and records any potential discrepancies such as “phantom tips” and vehicles over weight.
  • Mass balance and recycling – On a monthly basis each contractor is required to allocate waste received to output materials and destinations including accounting for any contamination. This ensures no “missing weights” and provides recycling data
  • WasteDataFlow reporting – WasteNote takes the pain out of WDF reporting by providing comprehensive data that can be used to complete quarterly reports.
  • Performance Reports – Monitor key performance reports including Recycling rates, Route performance, Contract performance
  • Future developments – Includes the ability to Forecast waste arisings and recycling rates by contract. Also Invoice validation