City Wide

City-wide Carbon Solutions

It is recognised that more than two thirds of the world’s energy is consumed in cities and this share is forecasted to further increase to 73% by 2030 (IEA/OECD 2008, p. 179). Cities are subsequently large contributors to CO2 emissions. Indeed, some of the largest cities produce more emissions than some medium-sized countries.

Our city-wide carbon management service has been developed to help cities measure and visualise their overall emissions from energy use, industrial processes, transportation and land use. The city-wide dashboard provides detailed breakdown on the sources of emissions as well as carbon and energy intensity measures. GIS views highlight the location and intensity of key emissions sources. Stakeholders including city leaders, members of the public, external investors can monitor the carbon performance and trends while city planners can use the system to forecast future emissions performance.

The system was developed and is being piloted in the Chinese city of WuXi which is an industrial city north east of Shanghai with a population of circa 4.5 million.

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