Case Study – WEEE Recycler

Case Study – WEEE Recycler

Posted by Robert McKechnie on Thu, Feb 09, 2012 @ 02:25 PM

Electrical Waste Recycling GroupCompany Profile

Electrical Waste Recycling Group was formed in 2008 after many years successfully establishing and building the largest lamp collection and recycling services, business to business electrical waste recycling solutions, installation of Europe’s largest WEEE recycling equipment and launching of battery collection services. EWRG has over 400 collection depots throughout the UK.

Business Needs

EWRG had a requirement for a business management system that supported its unique turnkey collection and processing service. This meant integrating a number of different processes including sales order management, container pick-up, delivery, weighing, sorting and processing as well as inventory management, invoicing and automated production of legislative paperwork and reports.

The company was also generating several thousand single hazardous waste transfer notes every month which resulted in a significant payment to the EA every quarter.


In order to fulfil EWRG’s specific business requirements, Green Oak has developed a highly customised version of We3 Recycler in conjunction with EWRG. The solution interfaces directly with EWRG’s logistics partner to provide order scheduling information and in return receives proof of delivery/pick-up details. EWRG’s customer base includes retail outlets, businesses (B2B), civic amenity sites, compliance schemes and large waste management companies all requiring different services and billing models which required custom invoicing features.

As part of the continual improvement of the process, Green Oak performed a process review and identified the fact that single hazardous waste transfer notes were being used where multiple collection notes could be used instead. Green Oak implemented multiple collection notes within the system as well introducing improvements to the process for capturing an order, creating the multiple collection note and scheduling the pick-up/drop-off.


The integrated solution enables EWRG to connect business processes in physically separate locations using a single web-based platform. For example sales orders are processed in a central call centre location. Once an order has been entered on We3 Recycler the order details are seamlessly transacted into EWRG’s logistics partners transport management system. We3 Recycler determines the order routing based upon the specific waste type and routes the material to the appropriate processing facility. EWRG has a wide variety of customers who have different billing requirements so the system has been developed to provide the flexibility to satisfy these various requirements.

The introduction of the multiple collection note resulted in substantial financial savings for EWRG.

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