Case Study -Confidential Waste Destruction

Case Study – Confidential Waste Destruction

Reisswolf confidential waste destructionCompany Profile

Reisswolf is the leading European provider of confidential waste disposal services. The company provides a professional and easy to use service based upon locating highly secure, lockable steel bins at a client’s premises. Confidential waste is shredded to national standards afterwhich it is shipped to paper mills for recycling.

Business Needs

Reisswolf Scotland wanted to provide their clients with a complete audit trail from point of collection through to shipment to the paper mill. They also wanted to develop a seamless process where an account manager could take an order from a client which would then be visible to a logistics coordinator for scheduling by vehicle and driver. Once the order was fulfilled, Reisswolf wanted their clients to have the ability to logon to their website and view and download compliance and environmental reports.


Reisswolf had been using Green Oak’s We3 Recycler software platform to their business for a number of years. However, they had a requirement to be able to easily create a schedule that drivers could use to manage their activities. The Green Oak development team worked with Reisswolf management to create a new scheduling module. This feature enabled the Reisswolf logistics coordinator to schedule orders for collection or delivery on a specific date by vehicle and driver. As a further improvement the team developed a mobile application which enabled vehicle drivers to access the schedule using a handheld device. Once the driver arrived on site at a client’s location they could simply select the relevant order from a drop-down list and scan a barcode indicating that the bin had been loaded into the vehicle.

Reisswolf also wanted a professional website for the business that incorporated a customer portal. Green Oak developed a content management system linked to We3 Recycler that had the dual benefit of enabling Reisswolf marketing to easily edit and maintain the website as well as providing their customers with secure logon access to destruction and audit reports on their confidential waste pick-ups.


The key resulting benefits for Reisswolf included a reduction in administrative time spent managing separate spreadsheets, invoices and waste transfer notes while centralising everything in a single web-based system. Scheduling collections and using mobile devices for proof of collection provided an end-to-end audit trail for Reisswolf’s customers and builds upon the company’s existing reputation for security and quality of service.

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