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Improve your waste recycling performance with WasteNote

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Local Authorities are under significant pressure to continue to improve waste services with less resources.  In the area of waste data, contractors provide a huge amount of data in many different formats.  WasteNote, has been designed to help councils get a better handle on this waste data and help deliver improvements on recycling and assist in the completion of WasteDataFlow returns.

How does it work?

WasteNote has three main elements:

  • WasteNote-PPT – a preprocessing tool that helps to clean up waste data provided by contractors.  Duplicate tickets, missing/wrong routes/ wrong vehicle are often missed and the real value of each weighbridge ticket or invoice is lost at this stage.  Bespoke Excel software, working to defined rules clean the data, highlighting mistakes in tickets, and prepares the data for upload into WasteNote;
  • WasteNote-Web – where all weighbridge tickets are held consistently – in the cloud, assigned to the right contract, and where the back allocation of what became of waste collected is determined.
  • WasteNote-AA – where the real analysis begins.  Data held in a consistent format is exported to the Advanced Analytics tool which gives the local authority complete control over reports and organises WDF reporting information for direct entry into WasteDataFlow.

Often the challenge of data management is not the larger contracts for garden waste, recyclables, or residual waste but rather the myriad of contracts for HWRC sites and bespoke collections.  WasteNote captures all the data consistently to automate the completion of Q10/ Q11/Q16/Q19 etc for WasteDataFlow.

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