7 Brilliant Marketing Tips for Innovatie Recyclers

7 Brilliant Marketing Tips for Innovative Recyclers

marketing for recyclersPeter Drucker said that “Business has only two functions: Marketing and Innovation.” Well we happen to think Mr Drucker was spot on but it takes two to tango. If you have a really innovative recycling product or service then the chances are it’s going nowhere without effective marketing and vice versa. Furthermore, launching and building a recycling or waste management business can be extremely tough in these challenging economic times.

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But in the meantime we’ve put together some pearls of Marketing wisdom that will help you improve your results…..if you actually do them!!

1.     Forget the sales pitch

Stop trying to “sell” your products or services. Instead move to a place where you are continually thinking about how you can add value to your customer or potential customer. Remember these immortal words of wisdom from Zig Ziglar – “You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want.”

2.     What does your business REALLY do?

Many sales people are fixated on features. Important note – People don’t buy features! They buy results! So move from “We are the market leading XXXX recycling company and we’ve been in business for 20 years!” Inwardly focused to “We help you turn waste into possibility by:Optimising your recycling rates; Lowering your disposal costs; and taking complete responsibility for Environmental Compliance and data gathering” – Client/Result focused

So stop talking about features and start talking about results!

3.     Who’s buying and who’s not buying?

According to master sales strategist, Chet Holmes (www.chetholmes.com ) only 3% of people are actually buying at any one time. Another 7% are open to buying and the rest are in various states of Not buying! So armed with this information you need to understand that a) you are in a marathon and not a sprint and b) that you need to differentiate your recycling business using educational-based marketing and client engagement techniques that will differentiate you from your competitors!

4.     Who are you talking too?…..and who should you be talking to?

Make sure you target the right contact. In many cases we build a relationship with waste officer, procurement executive or the facilities manager and these people can be valuable influencers but…..and here’s the kicker, while they may have the ability to say “No” they may not have the ability to say “Yes”. So target the CFO or CEO whenever possible and make your core story compelling enough to attract and hold their attention.

5.     Educational Marketing – Build a Core Story

Remember our golden rule?? – Always add value to your client whenever possible. This requires a complete mindset transformation for most sales and marketing teams. However, if you crack this your business will indeed transform. Your “Core story” is a research-based, educational marketing programme that uses Market data, and not product data, to inform and educate your client. It should be loaded with bad news! The good news is that your product or service is the solution! It should have an extremely compelling title. So if your company provides confidential waste destruction services you may want to build a core story around “The Five Most Dangerous Data Exposure trends facing companies today”

6.     Try Inbound Marketing – It’s more effective and cheaper

These days it is incredibly difficult to grab and keep the attention of your prospects. We are bombarded by marketing and advertising every minute of every day whether it’s TV or radio commercials, email, newspapers, billboards, cold-calling, product placements and so on. Where it used to take 3 impressions for someone to recognise your company or brand it now takes 12 impressions. And people don’t like being interrupted. Inbound marketing provides an effective way to build relationships by providing value to prospects through engaging and educational content such as blogs, white papers, videos, checklists, eBooks, interviews, surveys and so on. Oh and did I mention that it is around 60% cheaper per lead than conventional marketing? We’ll put together a separate blog posts on effective Inbound Marketing.

7.     Be social

There’s a lot of buzz around social media. Your teenage kids probably spend the vast majority of their life on Facebook or Twitter posting and tweeting where dinosaurs like you and I used to do crazy things like go outside, play in the street and speak to people 🙂 It’s a different world but don’t be a technophobe. Start using social media to engage your prospects in conversation. You can do it! If you don’t your competitors will! For Recycling and Waste Management businesses you should mainly be looking at using LinkedIn and Twitter.


So get out there and start taking your first steps in the new world of marketing. Here are some resources for the valiant few amongst you:


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For a much more in-depth look at how to use New Marketing to Attract and Engage New Clients why not register here for my webinar in conjunction with 2degrees (www.2degreesnetworks.com ) on Thursday, February 28th at 1pm.

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